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10 Reasons Why WILCO Gopher Getter Bait is Superior! WILCO Uses: 1. An attractant that draws the Gopher to the bait. 2. 98.4% pure strychnine alkaloid. 3. A high grade corn oil to adhere the strychnine alkaloid to the Milo grain. This eliminates the strychnine residue from the bait from drifting toward your face while pouring bait from the factory packaging into your application equipment. 4. An attractant that not only draws the gopher to the bait, but masks the strychnine odor from the gopher, thereby reducing bait shyness. 5. Testing proof that 'Gopher Getter' bait is well accepted and very effective against gophers. 6. Milo grain, is the gopher's "First Choice". That preference has been proven in laboratory tests. 7. Milo grain, has a long germination period. It stays active in a gopher burrow for up to 27 days. (In rainy or extremely moist conditions bait activity may be reduced to 14-15 days). 8. Milo grain, as it works in ALL hand machines and probes. Wheat, barley and fruit bait mixes will not. 9. Milo grain, for it is completely consumed by the gopher. The hull of other grains, which have the strychnine coating in rejected by the gopher much of the time. 10. A one and five pound container that have a 'child resistant' lid as required by the EPA.


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