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Nanotechnology is here Today for Agriculture Lithovit is a safe CO2 foliar fertilizer which increases the photosynthesis rate by producing carbon dioxide in the intercellular space, within the leaves. Lithovit is highly energized particles sprayed finely onto the leaf surface and are taken up directly through the stomata (leaf pores). Therefore, Lithovit can considerably increase the photosynthesis rate which increases brix (sugar) level in the plant which increases the yield by a minimum of 10 to 12%. Ultimate Yield Potential Unknown! Lithovit may be mixed and applied with a 15% reduction of most herbicide and fungicide rates, therefore no additional spray applications, in most cases. Due to the tribodynamic activation, the surface of the Lithovit particles are negatively charged. The plant leaf is negatively charged, therefore the Lithovit particles attract and are transported through the stomata on the leaf surface. As you well know, low carbon dioxide content of normal air is .04% by volume, which means most cultivated plants fail to achieve an optimum level of photosynthesis, therefore plants fail to achieve their yield potential. Assuming that temperature conditions are favorable and there is a sufficient supply of nutrients and water, the maximum level of photosynthesis is achieved at around .1% volume of carbon dioxide, with the use of Lithovit, resulting in huge yield increases. Lithovit improves the photosynthesis performance in all plants but, Lithovit does much more. The effect of Lithovit is also enhanced by micronutrients which are calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper and cobalt. Lithovit is particularly beneficial to plants in stress situations like adverse cold, too much, too little moisture. In a drought condition, this usually means a yield reduction, by using Lithovit the plants are able to keep the stomata (leaf pores) closed when moisture is in short supply, therefore drought conditions, have a lesser effect on the plants. The opposite is true when we have an abundance of water, the stomata is open and evaporation occurs. Application Rates and Timing: All Crops are 1.33#/A Each Application 1st Application 2nd Application 3rd Application Cereal Crops 2-3 Tillers Flag Leaf None Sugarbeets 4-6 Leaf Stage 14 days Later 14 days later Beans 1st Herbicide Application 14 days Later Bud Stage Potatoes 20 days after Emergence 14 days 14 days Corn 4-6 Leaf Stage 10 Leaf Stage Optional Ag Pro Tech, Inc. 877-246-9722 lithovit@aol.com


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Looks good

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