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Whether your using a KMC or a Pearman or some other peanut digger, you owe it you yourself to try out a set of the finest digging blades made anywhere, the Ubly peanut blades from Ubly Bean Kinfe Mfg. I should also mention they make outstanding bean harvesting knives. In test after test, and from farmer to farmer, these blades outperform their competition on virtually every measurable scale. How long do they stay sharp? How many acres can you dig before you need a new set? What about in different soil? How much of my yield is being left in the field compared to the blades I've been using. The folks over at Ubly say they are the home of the "longest lasting, best performing peanut blades and bean knives in the world" and I don't doubt 'em, after hearing what farmers who are using their products say. Now bear in mind how true tthe old saw about getting what you pay for is. These tools aren't cheap. But they will last, and last, and last, and they will pull in , well for one farmer we checked out, the Ubly blades were saving him from losing over 1000 lbs per acre. That's about $200 lost profit PER ACRE, so they may cost some, but they're worth it. And don't worry any about not getting the right blades? Just give Wendy Staffield a call and let her know what kind of digger you've got and she'll make sure you get the exact, right match.


P.O. Box 201
Ubly, Michigan 48475
United States

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  • Outstanding quality. Outlasts the competition many times over.
  • Innovative design results in larger harvest capture and less field waste.

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