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Making your life easier is what we aim for; all of our products have been designed with real-life hands-on experience to provide you with just that, an easier life. We can custom build almost any type of building you need within 2 days, and with no screw holes your structure will be water tight and remain rust free. Our wind brake and stand alone panels, and custom stalls and pens are incredibly sturdy because we match drill them and then bolt them together so they are solid. If you have been searching for a goat proof feeder than look no further. This is the best design you're going to find anywhere. With our Large Feeder •Goats can't get in the feeder. And if the goat can't get in, they won’t be able to get on top of the bale. •Goats eat from the bottom •All of the goats can walk underneath the basket without crowding. •There is no place for the goat's head to get caught in; Witch was a huge benefit for our farm. •You will actually save money on hay. •This feeder is tuff enough to hold 2000 pound bales. •Very affordable. • Having to reach for the hay is great for building leg muscles in young stock. • Works with Round or big squares. We also have smaller feeders with the same handy features of the larger version, and our new portable feeder makes clean up and chores a breeze. No matter what animal, be it cattle, horses, or sheep, any size or shape, we can build a feeder to suit your most personal need! So weather you need a building that will stand the test of weather and time, a reliable stall or pen for your animals, or you just need a feeder that's won't let you down after just a few seasons, our company is the way to go. So don't let the competition get your goat, choose an affordable product that's Tuffernhell.


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