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Our products are designed with the farmer's productivity and profitability as our focus. We measure our success by our customer’s satisfaction. 

Cropsavers®, invented by Tridekon are stainless steel cones designed to reduce the damage and destruction of the crop made by the sprayer’s tires. They were improved in 2003 the Cropsaver® Plus Model was launched. The cone design has a slim dividing tip which allows for excellent flotation and outstanding performance in wet conditions. Cropsavers® reduce trampling by 80 to 90 per cent, saving $6 - $7 per acre. Cropsavers® are the divider that saves flag leaf damage when spraying fungicides or herbicides. You will notice less volunteer grain in sprayer tracks in the following year after using Cropsavers®. Less trampling in the crop makes swathing, combining and tillage easier. Cropsavers® can be mounted on virtually any high clearance sprayer, pull-type sprayer or farm tractor. Cropsavers® bolt onto your machine with a specific bolt on kit for your machine. Weld on kits are available for pull type sprayers and tractors. The quick attach system provides easier handling for Cropsaver® users. Cones can be removed and installed in a matter of minutes after the bolt on kit is installed and outer quick attach bracket is initially mounted. An airlift feature is an optional extra on Cropsavers®. When installed a toggle switch in the sprayer cab is triggered to raise and lower the Cropsavers®. For machines without an onboard air system an additional option of an add on air compressor is available. With the Cropsavers® raised up they do not interfere with loading and unloading your high clearance sprayer on a transport trailer. The jack option attaches to the quick attach brackets and is the safest and easiest way to change tires on your high clearance sprayer. Videos of Cropsavers® in action are available on Grain Boss™ The Grain Boss™ is designed and manufactured by Tridekon in Neepawa, MB. Available in a 13" or 16" capacity the Grain Boss™ is the most convenient grain bag unloading system on the market. Features such as steerable self propelled wheels keep the Grain Boss™ extractor aligned with the bag while unloading. The Grain Boss™ extractor has a 360º rotating high capacity auger which helps users fill trucks evenly without spills. The simple bag feed system makes for easy set up and clean up. The 13" model moves 200bu./min and the 16" model moves 300 bu./min. Videos of the Grain Boss™ in action are available on Tridekon has Canadian dealers in Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan with US dealers in Montana and North Dakota. We even have distribution available in Australia. Visit our website to find a dealer near you.


Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0

RR#2 Neepawa , MB Canada R0J 1H0
Phone: (204) 966-3469 or
Toll Free: 1-866-292-6115

Dealers available in Canada, US, and Australia.

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