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Stelter Repair was started with the purchase of a blacksmith shop in 1943. The first years the shop was called City Blacksmith. In 1948 the name was changed to Stelters Repair and in 1993 to Stelter Repair, Inc. The business is in the fourth generation; three generations are currently working. In 1977 a 70 x 100 addition was completed. The following year another building, 42 x 70, was added. In 1999 a 75 x 80 addition was added to the business. Since the original purchase in 1943 the business has changed substantially. Starting as a blacksmith shop, at times sharpening plowshares all day with a coal fired forge, and emerging as a welding machine, custom manufacturing shop with many fabrication tools and equipment, welders, lathes, mills and computers. Our patented Fence Cleaner cleans thistles, tumbleweeds and other debris from fences, tree rows and barriers. * Works on barb wire, chain link and other fences and barriers * One pass operation each side of fence * Will not damage fence wire or posts * Leaves chopped material in windrow that will blow away or can be baled Our other products include: * Steel * Steel Bushing Stock * Auger Tubing * Auger Flighting o Steel o Plastic * Aluminum * Plastic * Conveyors * Tires o Passenger o Light Truck o Truck o Implement * Bolts * Bearings o Tapered Roller Bearings o Radial Ball Bearings o Locking Collar Bearings o Disk Bearings o Bearing Flanges * Brass Bushings * Seals * Pulleys * Sprockets and Hubs * Roller Chain * Snap Rings * Keys o Woodruff o Square o Rectangular * Tow Chain * Hydraulic o Hose o Fittings o Cylinders o Components o O-Rings * Drive Line Parts o Yokes o Cross and Bearing Kits o Truck o Agricultural + American + Metric * Power Take-off Tubing o American o Metric * Tractor Spindles o Parts o Complete * Trailer Parts o Jacks o Suspension o Axles o Couplers * Spindle Assemblies o Agricultural o Highway * Welding Supplies * Chrome Wear Parts * Cattle Head Gates * Post Pullers * Can Crushers (Aluminum) * Fence Cleaner * Custom Trailers * Tree Planter * Bale Beds * Flatbeds * Truck Box Sides * Grain Cleaner Assemblies * Sucker Rod Clips * Drill Stem Clips * Tool Boxes * Tanks * Railings * Steps and Landings * Ramps * Circular Staircases * Bale Sides * Grabfork * Bleachers (Portable) * Tow Hitch (Pickup) Call us today for all your custom manufacture and repair needs.


224 Main Avenue
New Leipzig, North Dakota 58562
United States

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