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Slectro Company is your solution for precision planting and more. Our featured products are the Cyclo Air shut off and the Handle Clamp. ROW SHUT OFF FOR CASE/ IH CYCLE PLANTERS The row shut off unit is field tested, prevents seed loss and overpopulation, and easy to install. It fits Cyclo Air planters up to 24 rows with options to stop 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 rows per switch and consists of a secondary set of release wheels, wire harness, and switchbox (12 volt DC). The secondary release wheels (shut off wheels) are applied by solenoids controlled by the switchbox. The shut off wheels release the seed from the seed drum seed holes before the seed reaches the row manifold.When rows are shut off is the only time electrical power is used. Here is a testimonial from farmer Kenneth Hoppner about the Cyclo Air shut off: "I contour farm terraces. The row shut-off allows me to stop planting the rows as I enter point rows. It works wonders by saving seed and preventing overpopulation of crop. I've had no problems with the attachment - how can something so simple work so slick?" THE HANDLE CLAMP The Handle Clamp by Slectro truly comes in handy. You will no longer have to go after things that you left behind if you have the Handle Clamp. It is great on the tractor, horse trailer, combine, or wherever you need to keep your tool handy. The Handle Clamp tool holding device is the solution as a grease gun holder, broom hanger, shovel, or hammer hanger. The possibilities are endless. Directions for using the Handle Clamp: 1. Mount bracket firmly on vehicle or equipment. 2. Loosen wing nut on handle. 3. Slide adjustable stop to accommodate tool size. 4. Tighten wing nut on handle. Visit to learn more about these and other unique products designed and developed by Slectro Company owner, Wayne Tjeersma.


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