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Since they started their fishery back in 1955, the Schafer family has been committed to exerszing good stewardship over the resources they use. As the owners of one of the largest fisheries in the midwest, they were very aware of the waste involved in processing fish for human consumption. Most fish operations throw the scraps in the landfill, but the Schafers saw an opportunity to create a product that is sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to common chemical fertilizers which have proven to be harmful to the environment. In this way they could help preserve the environment for future generations. We hope you'll consider SF Organics products for your crop management program. They make an outstanding product and they are there to help with all of your fertilizer needs.You know, the minute a fish is pulled out of the water it begins to decay. SF Organics product is better because it goes from raw material to finished good in the same day. They use a cold process which means the product naturally maintains the hormones, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and minerals. The product is high in OMEGA-3 oil content, sulfur and calcium. Each batch is monitored and kept track of and is periodically tested for heavy metals. I need to point out that this product is not an emulsion process like other fish fertilizers. Emulsion means extreme heat has been added in the process and various things have been removed from the product. Schafers use a process called hydrolysate in which the product is broken down more slowly to create the highest quality natural plant food on the market today.For farmers who have a real interest in soil biology, who really want to get under the hood and create the best growing environment for the best crops, SF Organics is the answer. You know that soil isn't dirt. Soil is a living thing, and our crops need to be grown in live, fertile soil. Adding a liquid fertilizer made of fish hydrolysate allows the biological farmer to produce safe, healthy, and nutritious crops both for animal and human consumption.


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