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If you are tired of paying too much to harvest your tree crops or if you have problems with your old two-piece losing fruit and not cleaning the tree, Schieler Harvester has the answer. The Schieler Harvester harvests nearly all your tree crops better, faster, and cheaper. Our single piece design saves over 65% in harvesting costs vs. a two-piece. Manual hand labor is eliminated with its seven bin hydraulic powered bin changing system. With many more features, this harvester does it all at an affordable price. The Schieler Harvester 988 costs approximately the same as an almond harvester and a sweeper, but it will harvest your crop faster and cost you far less in the field. And unlike your old equipment, the 988 can harvest much more than just your almonds. It harvests prunes, pistachios, and peaches faster, cheaper, and better than any other shaker available. Visit our site to view and learn more about our almond harvester, tree harvester, bin carrier, and bin dumper. Schieler is the ONLY place you need to go to provide your tree harvesting needs.


10051 Road 176
Terra Bella, California 93270
United States

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