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Schaffert manufactures and distributes the attachments you need to make the most of your harvest. We have a wide selection of products including *Rebounder™ Seed Covers *Fertilizer Discs *Furrow V Closers *Plot Planters *The Versa-Tiller *More! See what our customer are saying about our products: "Very impressed with Rebounders!! We strip till in the Fall and we have good moisture in the Spring. The Rebounders put all seeds in the bottom of the furrow. We even have a set of the other brand still in the box on the shelf because we like Rebounders better." "I installed 6 Rebounders and 6 of the other brand attachments on my JD 7300. I like the Rebounders because the other brand builds up with mud in our sticky soils and the Rebounder do not build up with mud. I am ordering the rest of the Rebounders next day air!!! " "I put out the back Fertilizer Discs From Schaffert Mfg. on my White 6000 Planter in 2009. We planted corn in wet conditions in Southern Indiana and they worked very well. We put down 18 Gallons of 32% Nitrogen. A neighbor had a liquid attachment on his JD planter in front of the planter. He had fertilizer and mud all over his planter. My planter stayed clean all season. I really liked the job the Schaffert Fertilizer Disc did. We will put more fertilizer on this year with the discs." At Schaffert Manufacturing and Sales, we are also dealers for over 20 equipment lines. Visit the equipment section of our site to see the full list.


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