Many of us have been in a similar situation, more times than we care to talk about. Therefore, we developed a system, that will save you time and money . The answer is Qwicktie, a kit that attaches to your existing baler. Qwicktie features Quadruple Twine Arms, a Twine Box and Twine Cutter. The Twine Arms attach to your baler using the existing holes from your old twine arms. Using four existing bolt holes, the Twine Box will be mounted to the front of the baler conveniently placed to not block the view of any baler gauges. The only changes which will need to be done is drilling two 5/16 inch holes to mount the twine cutter on the right side of the baler. The twine box holds 6 balls of twine which lessens the amount of time you will spend filling twine. For more information or questions about our products, please contact us any time at the following address or phone numbers. Phone: (605) 583 4546 Fax: (605) 583 4546 Cell Phone: (605) 661 8213 Email: pcbauder@gwtc.net Website: www.qwicktie.com


42718 299th St.
Scotland, South Dakota 57059
United States

Qwick Tie LLC.
Patrick or Cheryl Bauder
42718 299th St
Scotland, SD 57059

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