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We're about raising livestock on grass. We offer products and services that help you manage your grass and livestock for the lowest input costs and for maximum profit. Unlike most farm stores that sell fencing and watering supplies, we do not sell feed or fertilizer. We hope to help you reduce your reliance on processed feed and fertilizer! By improving and utilizing your grass & forage resources along with an efficient fencing and watering system to move your livestock around and with-in, you can become more efficient and more profitable with rotational or intensive grazing systems. Why are we a little different - compared to most electric fence supply companies? Our main focus is primarily directed at GRAZING PRACTICES. It seems that most manufacturers of electric fencing products have turned their attentions towards fancy packaging and marketing, while research & development have taken a back seat. We feel very strongly that hi-tensile electric fencing teamed up with some portable electric fencing is the best management tool a grazer can utilize. We are grazers ourselves and work directly with our grazing customers - rather than through a chain of farm stores with untrained sales personnel. We encourage you to call us directly. All of us at PowerFlex Fence own livestock of our own. We actually USE the products we offer and are continually evaluating, looking for and developing new ideas and ways to better build and manage our fences, our livestock and our grass. We offer many different brands names of products and feel very strongly that no one brand is the best overall. All product lines seem to have great items along with some items that are of lesser quality. We strive to choose the best of the best. Additionally, as we see need for new product that is not currently available in the industry - we are developing our own. For example: The PowerFlex G2 Post is a good solid product. We recognized the need for it, developed it and have been successful with its introduction. This item lends itself to being a "System" of its own. Our hi-tensile GUARDIAN woven wire is also an example of a "System" of its own. This unique wire was not available in North America until we introduced it. Please visit our main site at www.powerflexfence.com or order directly online at www.powerflexfenceonline.com


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