Got three-phase machines and only single-phase power? We've got the solution! Our PHASE CONVERTERS have been used to change single phase electricity into three phase power for over 45 years, helping folks to operate the machinery they need to be in business and get the work done. We are humbled and privileged to help facilitate the goals and dreams of the countless numbers of those who come to us for help. Let us be a part or your success story, too. Some Phase-A-Matic advantages our clients love: Cost Savings: With fuel costs continuing to skyrocket, Phase-A-Matic, Inc. Rotary Phase Converters save money by replacing diesel generators. Convenience of Use: Run three-phase electric motors and equipment from any single-phase electric power location. Many Applications: Whatever the load type - motor, resistive, induction, or transformer load - our Rotary Converter will power it. Quality: We continue to hear of our Rotary Converters that have been in service for 25 or 30 years or more, and which are still working flawlessly. It could go on to do another 30. Built differently than the rest, It pays to buy from Phase-A-Matic, Inc. for long life and high reliability. Large Selection Fits Any Need: Phase-A-Matic, Inc. phase converters range from 1/3 to 500 HP or more. We have the right converter to meet your needs in delivering economical, reliable and true 3-phase power of the highest quality. Speed in Delivery: We may carry the largest stock of phase converters in the world. It is not unusual to receive an order for 500+ Phase Converters by 2:00 PM and ship them the same day. Technical Support: We know that technical support is important for your power conversion success. From the most basic to the most complex applications our 45 years of experience will guide you through every aspect of your converting needs. We will help you determine the right converter, be there for assistance in proper installation, and help with any operational questions. Advances in converter technology have resulted in low price, high performance and reliability closely resembling three-phase line power. This enables us to provide the required power for CNC and other voltage sensitive equipment. Let our experienced team show you how our high-quality, cost effective equipment can meet all power conversion needs. Get Converted! Let us show you how. Contact us today. !COMING SOON! New Phase Converter, the PhaseFormer™ FULL POWER transformer type of Phase Converter. Ask about it when you call today!


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