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PBI Ross-Holm is a leading domestic and international manufacturer of heavy-duty milking stalls for superior performance in the dairy industry. We specialize in tailoring stalls for your specific operation. We have extensive expertise in design from small family dairies to large mega-dairies. In fact, we built and installed the milking stalls for one of the largest dairy in the world, located in Saudi Arabia! The Elite Parallel Stall is our signature stall. * A powerful hydraulic cylinder operates an entire row - up to 50 cows, raising the headstall to a full 62" clearance - high enough for even your largest cow. * Lowering of headstall can be adjusted to your specifications. Rapid exit allows cows to leave at the same time. * Counter weights are used on our patented divider gates - nothing is spring loaded. * Fully suspended butt shields using stall-posts and end-post. * Indexing gets the cattle close to the operator so reaching under the shield is not necessary. * No overheads across pit. * Well constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel - no rough edges. Can stand 24-hour duty with "down" time just for cleaning. * Easy to operate. Push-button control allows you to load and unload safely and easily. A down button stops the action immediately. * Operator and cow safety are built into each system. * More cows can be milked in the same space, almost double in some set-ups. * Cows adjust quickly - even those that have never been milked from the rear before. * Minimum number of poles to impede cow progress. Fewer poles mean fewer down cows and room to get up on their own In addition to stalls and gates, PBI Ross-Holm also offers: * Hose Supports * Backflush Systems * Breezeway Blinders * Cord Detachers * Gauges * Pinch Value Call or visit today for more information.


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Portales, New Mexico 88130
United States

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