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THE GLOBAL ORGANIC AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS LEADER. We will build a unique portfolio of organic products, striving to surpass our competitors in quality, innovation, and value and elevating our image to become the organic agricultural company most organic farmers turn to worldwide. Organic Ag Products is a California based company that offers the world’s purest organic fertilizers to those who want to “grow the world’s food safely.” Our vision is to provide to our partners and customers, fertilizer products that support all types of agriculture and that can truly be described as “green” and organically perfect. Organic Ag Products not only improve crop, garden and lawn results at a cost effective price, but our products nurture the soil itself while doing no harm to our water systems. By providing pure organic fertilizers – multivitamins for the soil – we deliver tangible value to the world’s agriculture and to our partners, customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, neighbours and, especially, to our environment. Now is the time for an organic multivitamin for the soil: Organic Ag Products organic hydrolyzed fish fertilizers. Why go organic? That’s simple. You get better quality products, higher yields, and safe, chemical-free sustainable growth – whether in your fields and orchards, on your lawns or your home/kitchen garden, or your recreation spaces like parks and golf courses. The primary driver for the agriculture industry to move to organic and environmentally friendly fertilizer use is the need for the world’s growers to meet the increasing global demand for food and to do it without further damaging the environment. Chemical based fertilizers have been successful in increasing crop yield but, unfortunately, they do so at a cost to the environment and, in many eyes, at a cost to the quality of the product. Globally the demand for high quality food continues to grow due to an increasing world population and less land being available for agriculture. In addition, government policies and actions both in the domestic and international markets are spurring the growing demand for products that not only increase the production and quality of food crops, but also for lawn (including recreational spaces like golf courses and parks) and garden care to be done in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. Several provinces in Canada are restricting the use of chemical fertilizers, and in many areas the use of chemical based pesticides has been outright banned. In many instances chemical pesticides and fertilizers, once thought to protect and benefit crops, have resulted in creating more problems: heavier pesticide use and the contamination of soil and water. Organic Ag Products is proud of its role in supplying the crop inputs, or ingredients, to help growers to meet the demand for more and better food. Organic Ag Products fertilizer products provide essential crop nutrition which helps to increase crop yields and improves the quality of the crop produced. Only the finest quality horticultural grade nutrients, free of chemical contamination, are used to create the Organic Ag Products. Our proprietary process and recipe using fresh fish produces a pure amino acid based fertilizer that is highly effective and efficient to use, as well as being cost effective. All raw materials are analyzed prior to use to ensure they are free of any toxic substances, such as lead, mercury, arsenic and high-salt content. Organic Ag Products have the perfect balance of N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium) macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and others to grow well-nourished plants and improve the soil, without harmful run-off into ground water.


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