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When it comes to customer service and and having the knowledge to deliver the right product for the job, North Central Steel is second to none! When it comes to dairy feeding equipment or beef feeding equipment, RENN™ roller mills lead the way in wet and dry grain processing. Combined Renn and North Central Steel's power and knowledge cant be beat! Contact Vince for all your grain milling needs. Grain milled to 1,200 microns is possible with the right equipment and know-how! Our PTO portable mills come in a wide variety of sizes for many different applications and a number of different commodities. The discharge systems available with Renn™ Roller Mills include augers, paddle elevators, blowers, and belt conveyors. A RENN™ roller mill with the auxiliary PTO offers the flexibility of rolling directly into the bagger, or can be detached and operated as an independent PTO roller mill. A RENN™ roller mill with auxiliary PTO, industrial trailer and rear hitch assembly gives you the benefit of rolling and bagging your grain in one smooth operation. Link the RENN™ roller mill between your tractor and bagger and your feed processing can benefit from the following advantages: 1. The convenience of rolling and bagging in one operation. 2. High capacity rolling and bagging allows for maximized harvest efficiency. 3. Fuel savings as a result of operating two machines with only one tractor. 4. Reduced labor and equipment cost due to operational efficiency. 5. Maximized equipment utilization with the additional products that can be processed through your bagger. The precision-machined 16" diameter rolls are the heart of our roller mill. With the worm drive roll adjustment on the drive roll and our leaf spring roll protection on the driven roll you are able to easily set and maintain the gap necessary to produce the product your livestock require. Features and Benefits: * 16" diameter rolls * Dynamically balanced rolls * Hardened rolls 58 Rockwell "C" * Worm drive roll adjustment * Laser cut precision construction * RENN's leaf spring roll protection * Cut away frame for quick removal of rolls * Hinged top hopper for easy roll inspection * Over running clutch PTO with shear bolt protection * Top hopper with feed-gate shut-off * Tubular frame trailer c/w rear hitch assembly * 112 degree rigid mount discharge auger * Direct drive auxiliary PTO * Hydraulic drive feed auger c/w low profile transfer auger Contact us today to see for yourself why we have 50 years of satisfied customers!


1349 Golden Rd.
Minneapolis, Kansas 67467
United States

1349 Golden Rd.
Minneapolis, Kansas

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