Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc.


Mycorrhizal Applications Inc. researches, produces, and sells mycorrhizae fungi that greatly accelerate plant growth and benefit their health. Mycorrhizal (my-core-rise-ul) fungi excrete powerful chemicals that dissolve mineral nutrients, absorb water, retard soil pathogens, and glue soil particles together into a healthful porous structure. In return, the mycorrhizal fungi receive sugars and other compounds from the plant for their own nutrition. Diversity of Products & Applications We produce the world's largest selection of commercially available mycorrhizal inoculum. Each month we deliver thousands of pounds to landscapers, farms, forest nurseries, restoration & erosion control companies, hydroseeders and manufacturers. We have over a dozen different products including powders, gels, granular and liquid forms and regularly produce customized blends for special applications. Customers choose the delivery system that best meets their needs. University testing indicates our products to be the highest quality commercially available. Leaders in Research Mycorrhizal Applications Inc. provides expert technical and scientific support. We have authored and presented over 100 technical papers and articles and lectured at private and government hosted seminars around the world. We research, and contribute to, a database of over 50,000 mycorrhizal abstracts and maintain our own research laboratory. Customer Responsive We optimize the benefits of using mycorrhiza by working with the specific needs and conditions of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and is the reason Mycorrhizal Applications Inc. has become the world's leader in the production of diverse quality mycorrhiza inoculum. We Invite try our products and services! Contact us to see how mycorrhizae can help your trees, crops or plants!


P. O. Box 1029
Grants Pass, Oregon 97528
United States

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