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Midwest Bio-Systems is a full service composting systems provider. We manufacture and support the Aeromaster line of compost turners and the Aeromaster TE500 Compost Tea Extraction System. We also provide ACS (Aeromaster Composting System) microbial inoculants to aid with the delicate composting process. One of the most innovative services offered by Midwest Bio-Systems is our composting workshops. Our seminars go beyond "typical" composting workshops and dig deep into the science of composting. Learn how you can gain efficiency, reduce cycle time and increase profits by applying the beneficial solutions from Midwest Bio-Systems to your specific needs. We currently offer three classes: The Basic Aeromaster Composting System Workshop, our ACS Level II Workshop. This is an experience that you do not want to miss. Visit the Events section here at Farmer Pages to learn about our upcoming workshops. Join us at our blog for an ongoing education on how to increase your profits through the science of composting with the right tools from Midwest Bio-Systems. Join our blog at www.midwestbiosystems.com/blog We are a full service company. In addition to composting products and classes, we also offer consulting and soil analysis. Midwest Bio-Systems is an international company, providing services in countries such as Australia, Peru, Columbia, and the Ukraine. At Midwest Bio-Systems, we are not successful until you are successful. Contact us today.


28933 35-E Street
Tampico, Illinois 61283
United States

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