Maz-Zee S.A. International: The Solution for Organic Crop Protection


Maz-Zee S.A. International, with over 30 years of experience, has been exporting internationally since 1985. We are still in business because our products work. We have 4 main product lines: PENATRON Penatron is is the main component on Maz-Zee's product line. It aids in improving soil condition, reduces soil erosion, increases water penetration, increases plant uptake of fertilizers and nutrients, and relieves moisture and plant stress. FROST SHIELD Freeze and frost damage is no longer a threat with Frost Shield. Frost Shield is a micro-thin protein coating which protects fruits, vines, plants, and trees. Frost Shield protects plants by reducing moisture stress, masking nucleation sites, and insulating plant tissue. View our gallery to see Frost Shield in action. It produces truly amazing results. DRIP-A-TRON Our Drip-a-tron unit produces a more even distribution of water on your field. Drip-A-Tron is for drip irrigation systems. It aids in cleaning drip tubing and emitters of all water mineral deposits. This keeps your irrigation system clean and saves bundles on irrigation maintenance costs. SUN SHIELD Sun Shield is formulated to keep plants and crops from sun damage. The growth of plants and fruits is not restricted by sun shield and your crop is protected. Call us today at 1-800-775-6123 to learn more on how to increase your yield and profits with Maz-Zee International's amazing product line.


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