Maljohn Plastics Co. Ltd.


Maljohn Plastics manufactures a number of industrial plastic products for the agriculture industry. We specialize in products made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. The result is very tough products, with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made. Our products are highly resistant to corrosive chemicals, with exception of oxidizing acids. They also have extremely low moisture absorption, very low coefficient of friction (comparable to Teflon), are self-lubricating, and are highly resistant to abrasion (up to 15 times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel). Our products include custom skid plates for swathers and combines. We have the largest stock of material in North America and that allwos us to accomodate customers with selection and competative pricing. We also offer UHMW Auger Flight Facing with will extend your auger life. * Abrasion resistant, low friction 1 pitch segments. * Extend past helicoil for better cleanout. * Reduce caking and material hangup. * Heat formed for a perfect fit. * Attach with bolts, rivets, or self tapping screws. * Available in food-grade white. *Acid resistant. We also make trough liners which are formed to size. Our trough liners are: * Pre-drilled and beveled for immediate operation. * Quieter operation. * Economical - reduce costs of wear and tear. * Lightweight for easy handling. Contact us today to see what we can to for you.


RR#1 – 183 Hendershot Road
Hannon, Ontario L0R 1P0

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