Land Luvr


Landluvr™ track undercarriages utilize a unique but simple patent pending design. The primary goal in the Landluvr™ design is to keep even weight distribution on each wheel at all times, whether on smooth or uneven terrain. This is accomplished using pivots. The placement of the pivots is how Landluvr™ accomplishes even weight distribution. Landluvr wheels not only pivot front to back, but also side to side, which keeps equal pressure on both sides of the guide blocks. This is important when driving along or in a road ditch, on levees, or on the edge or crown of a road. This assists in belt tracking and prevents high pressure points which over time can damage belts. Another Landluvr™ advantage is its unique flexibility which greatly reduces the jarring and jolting that are common with solid frame undercarriages. When a Landluvr™ track runs over on obstacle, (rock, log, ridge, etc.) the main cross axle only rises up a fraction of the height of the obstacle. This is key to a smooth ride which in turn means less implement fatigue. Another patent pending feature of the Landluvr™ design is the use of air springs to maintain tension on the belt and an over the center design which increases tension on the belt as the load increases. All the pivots areas have long-wearing, replaceable bushings that do not require greasing. This means very little maintenance is required.


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