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Johnson Mfg., Inc. began in 1981. Gerald Johnson Sr., founder and inventor, began his manufacturing out of necessity. Through ingenuity and need, he invented farm implements. He then had these inventions patented in the USA & Canada, marketing began, and Johnson Mfg., Inc. was born. Our company motto is "If you like our product, tell others; if you don't, tell us." Johnson Mfg., Inc. employees take pride in their work. Through employee teamwork, we build high quality products that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.


221 2nd Ave. NE
Kulm, North Dakota 58456
United States

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  • HyGrade Graders are a quick and economical way to:
  • Clean and maintain waterways
  • Rebuild ponds
  • Build roads
  • Dig irrigation ditches
  • Build pish ponds
  • Fill in washouts
  • Level building sites
  • Clean feedlots
  • Grade roads
  • Grade section lines/field roads
  • Remove snow
  • Level field edges
  • Build and maintain terraces
  • Maintain orchards
  • Clean poulty barns
  • and many other jobs with your farm tractor.

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