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Over the last 100 years, Jamesway has cultivated a long standing legacy that has become synonymous with customer satisfaction, advanced product designs, and a high quality network of dealers. But don't let their old fashioned legacy fool you, in the quickly growing agricultural world Jamesway has responded with more new “Next Generation” products than anyone else in the industry. And with businesses in 30 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia, it is easy to see why Jamesway is well known as the premier brand for all your feeding equipment needs. With a very extensive line of feeding systems ranging from soil unloaders, hammer mills, and blade choppers, to chain conveyors, feeders, and feed carts; you will have no problem finding a product to suit any dairy outfit under the sun. One of the finest products Jamesway has to offer is Volumaxx Soil Unloader. Its unique ring drive unloader is the product of over half a century of experience, and is designed to put the leveling requirements and power on the hexapod and the ring so that the auger can stay busy moving, digging, and blowing. •Models available for 12' - 24' diameter silos. •New 10” high performance roughage auger features 16º forward pitch flighting. •New high-volume impeller features stainless steel band and reversible stainless steel paddles. •Self-adjusting cantilevered “walking pressure wheel”. •Independent power ring models feature high-efficiency drive. •Motor-mount assembly features easy belt tension adjustments. •Dependable 95% efficient gear box. •Independent motorized gear box with 500:1 gear reduction. •Heavy-duty auger gear box provides more power than conventional type gear boxes to the auger and impeller. •Re-New Kit includes 10” diameter chipper wheel, convenient grease zerk, end shroud defl ector and 10” diameter wall wheels. •Auger shroud features bolted construction and type 409 stainless steel cover. •Flex line shaft drive models feature free floating gear box. •Forward-pitched flighting keeps haylage and silage moving toward the center of the auger. •Double flighting at chipper wheel end for smooth operation. •Lower power requirements, more efficiency, higher capacity and less auger wear. •Ring drive constructed from heavy 7 x 3/16” thick steel. •Suspended by three high-tensile aircraft-type cables. •Rugged, ductile iron 10” diameter chipper wheel with 6 case-hardened steel knives to shave frozen silage from the silo wall. •Adjustable 10” diameter wall wheels made of one-piece, heavy duty polyethylene are individually adjustable for accurate positioning. •PowerMaxx Distributor for center-fill silos. In addition to wonderful feeding products, Jamesway also offers a full line of Manure Applicators, Manure Systems and Custom Haulers. So come and see how ten decades of experience, ingenuity and dedication makes all the difference. Run your dairy the sure way, the right way, the Jamesway.


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