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You perhaps feel lost in regards to lameness issues on your farm. Hoof problems cut deep into your bottom-line; they reduce milk production and also have a negative impact on fertility. We are in business to help you minimize these losses. Visit our -easy-to-follow- website on lameness. We've got a professional trimmer in our team to answer all your 'lame' questions.......You got it? Any lame cows, give us a call and we'll get you back on track today. Intra Hoof-Sol products are available in three forms - Gel, Liquid, and Bath. YOUR BENEFITS OFFERED BY INTRA HOOF-SOL PRODUCTS: * Contains no antibiotic. * Intra Hoof-Sol Gel is a concentrated product, and therefore ideally suited for curative use. Very sticky: Try it today. * By virtue of its liquid form, Intra Hoof-Sol Liquid can readily be applied using a low-pressure sprayer, which makes it ideally suited for follow-up treatments and preventive use. * Intra Hoof-Sol products achieve a favourable result in more than 95% of all instances. * No waiting time is required. No milk withdrawal or meat restrictions. * No irritation of the skin. * Intra Hoof-Sol products are many times more effective than traditional agents. Call us today to discuss your own situation at (403)388-4309


210 McKechney Ave, Diamond City, AB, Canada
4607 44th Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
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To serve you best, we opened a warehouse in Michigan and...... those guys are doing a great job to get your order picked and shipped, because they know you need it. Call us today or visit us online.
But also that cold Canada is supplied out of our Canadian warehouse.

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