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HFL Manufacturing provides a wide variety of welding and fabrication products including graders, crop dividers, and concrete forming equipment. Laneway Grader Our Laneway Grader is known for its simplicity to operate as well as its strength. The reason that it works so much better than a box scraper is because of the leverage it has on the front blade. All of the weight behind the front two blades is acting as a lever to make them dig. You also have the fact that we are hooked up to the tongue of the tractor instead of the 3 point hitch. This allows you to apply the weight of the tractor on the front 2 blades. All of this along with a reasonable price makes HFL's Laneway Grader the best on the market. Crop Divider Our Crop Divider attaches quickly. The height can be adjusted and it can be lifted to be transported on a trailer. It can be made to fit any sprayer or tractor and the new aluminum design is easy to mount with one person in less than 5 minutes. Concrete Forming Equipment Concrete forming equipment is one of our specialties. We build form cages of all styles. We have a standard form cage for 8 foot by 2 foot forms, cages for fillers, cages for 4 foot tall forms and cages for up to 10 foot tall forms with options such as folding tops and also lay flat. You name it, we build it. We also build brackets of all kinds. Our scaffold brackets are certified and recognized by safety inspectors. We have an additional family owned business, Ricksycle, which manufactures recumbent tandem tricycles. Visit ricksycle.com to learn more about this fun and innovative way to travel. All of our products are manufactured by the team at HFL. We believe in strength and reliability in our designs. Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality, reliable equipment at a reasonable cost along with innovative product design and custom manufacturing. Please visit our site to view our complete product line. We ship throughout Canada and the U.S. Remember that if you name it, we build it.


1802 Cataract Road
Fonthil, Ontario L0S 1E6

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