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Gophers and ground squirrels cost farmers and landscapers millions of dollars every year! Carbon monoxide is one of the most potent yet safe poisons that kills burrowing rodents. Until now, there has been no inexpensive, efficient delivery system to control these pests. The PERC is an elegant solution: An internal combustion engine is used to both generate carbon monoxide and pressurize it to 125 PSI. Using multiple probes, burrows are easily detected and quickly filled with a lethal concentration of carbon monoxide before a rodent has a chance to react or escape. The PERC is: * Simple to use * Gopher mounds are probed, not dug out. * Multiple probes are used in a single burrow. * No special use permits are required. * Crop stands are not damaged. * Control ground squirrels, gophers, moles, voles and other rodents using pressurized exhaust gases. * THE most effective way of killing burrowing rodents. * PERC is also useful as a powerful field compressor, much more volume than pickup compressors; pressurized exhaust can help reduce the possibility of fires, a real benefit when used to blow out equipment. * Perfect tool for Custom Operators and pest control professionals!


1979 County Rd 106
Tulelake, California 96134
United States

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