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BIO-GOLD™ release nutrients slowly and naturally according to nature’s blueprint. All components in BIO-GOLD™ are usable by the soil and plants because there are no useless fillers as there are in chemical fertilizers.

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At Organic Ag Products we pride ourselves upon providing novice, intermediate, and expert growers of all levels (commercial or hobbyist) an affordable, easy, foolproof line of products that will allow you to achieve SUSTAINABLE, RAPID RESULTS AND HIG

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SF Organics, formerly Schafer Liquid Fish, provides nutrients to give you live, fertile soil and increase crop yield, with the freshest product in it's class. Processed the day they're caught out of the Mississippi River.

SF Organics
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Lithovit is a new, high-yield, cost effective, foliar nutrient/fertilizer, certified for organic farming and used by farmers all over the world.

Lithovit can increase crop yields, storage properties, build healthier plants, and much more.

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