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Turn to GroLicks Feeds for nutritional livestock feed supplements. Bacti-Grow Programs High Protein Molasses-based Nutritional Supplement lowers your feeding costs while improving the health of your livestock through better nutrition. GroLicks Feeds in an independent distributor of Bacti-Grow and P45 nutritional livestock feed supplements. Based on a 45 year old formula, Bacti-Grow programs have been safely fed to cattle, sheep, horses and goats for more than two decades. Bacti-Grow products are produced near Hermiston, Oregon. Gacti-Grow programs, when added to a livestock feeding rebimen, produce healthier animals at a lower cost. Lower costs are attributed to savings of time and labor and reduced wear and tear on machinery. You also save on overall feed costs since Bacti0-Grow programs increase the nutritional value of lower nutrient hay products and are a less expensive alternative to grain supplements. Bacti-Grow programs eliminate waste through their use of a lick tank system or direct application to hay portions. There is no loss associated with ground feeding methods. As a supplement, the need for nutrient dense hays and grains and their higher costs are reduced. Feedlot growers adding Bacti-Grow programs to the days prior to shipping cattle experience higher nutrition, increased energy and better general health. Bacti-Grow programs used during the gestation periods increase the general health of both cow and calf. The supplements help the cow produce more milk with greater buttermilk content. Bull virility is often increased for animals on the Bacti-Grow programs. this leads to higher conception rates and healthier calves. Breed back times are shorter due to the fact that ruminants require more energy at breeding time. Bacti-Grow programs provide the exceptional nutrition required. Bacti-Grow and P45 are suitable supplements for most types of livestock. Talk with your local distributor about your livestock feeding requirements.


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