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Groff AG, LLC is the proven leader in fertilizer placement and residue management. Optimum fertilizer placement enriches the plant root system, improving early-season growth and enhancing maximum yields, which increases your profits. Residue management supports greater financial returns by reducing the costs of fuel, machinery, and labor while increasing your crop yields. Additionally, residue management creates environmental benefits by protecting soil and water resources. Groff Ag products lower your costs while increasing your efficiency, profitability and crop yields. The revolutionary patented design of Groff Finger Row Cleaners allows for superb residue management in all tillage practices. Design features include: * Self-cleaning fingers enter soil horizontally, emerge vertically, allowing tangle-free operation * Pulverizes clods, removes residue with minimal soil disturbance * Superb performance at a wide range of depths * Improves soil to seed contact * Moves residue from a wider path - reduces planter bounce, insuring more uniform seed depth * Minimizes wrapping in damp conditions, reducing hair-pinning and wedging * Groff Finger Row Cleaners offer the same trouble-free operation as standard row cleaners * Eliminates residue in planter drives * Adjusts easily in 1/4" increments - closed bracket and long, aligned pin * Easy, instant removal without tools * Groff Ag Finger Wheels are specifically protected by U.S. Patent No. 5,497,836 Explore our company history if you would like to learn more about what inspired us to become the company we are today or find out what’s new with Groff Ag products and operations. Discover why Groff Ag is a proven leader in our industry by visiting our website and surveying our products and resources and to get more detailed information about fertilizer placement or residue management. Groff AG products are Manufactured in USA! Groff Ag is a family-owned operation that has an unwavering dedication to the quality and craftsmanship of each one of its products. Come and see what sets us apart from the competition today.


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Wellington, Colorado 69033
United States

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