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“With EquiPride, we noticed that our horses had more endurance but without becoming excitable - or ‘HOT.’ Most people feed extra grain to get that extra energy but we don’t have to. We’ve virtually eliminated graining our horses.” - LAURA MILLER Westcliffe, Colorado How EquiPride™ Works Because a horse produces less natural amylase (starch digestive enzyme) than other animals, (i.e. 10% of what hogs produce) the chances are greater for undigested starch reaching the cecum and colon. The cecum and colon are the areas where feed is digested by other organisms rather than by acid and enzymes. Mostly, the populations of these organisms prefer hay and other forages, not grain. As a result, elevated levels of grain starch force a shift in their population and in the process, acid levels rise and start to cause problems such as colic, laminitis and ulcers. EquiPride™ as a digestive aide consists largely of externally processed ingredients that have been pre-digested for the horse and improves the nutrient utilization of the horse’s entire ration, as well as adding key nutrients. ProBiotein™ is the SweetPro® Feeds proprietary “blend additive” in EquiPride™ which constitutes the digestive aide. We stress the blend aspect of ProBiotein™ since digestion is a complex process that is influenced by many factors and combinations of factors. No single “silver bullet” ingredient is going to get the job done. EquiPride: • Promotes a glossy coat • Healthy joints • Clear eyes • Thicker manes • Stronger, faster growing hooves • Promotes bloodflow to the lamina • Helps brain, muscle and skeletal function • Repairs and maintains cell walls • Anti-inflammatory for wounds • Helps speed recovery rate from training and competition • Helps increase energy, vitality and stamina • Helps increase sense of calmness • Helps regulation of blood sugar levels • Boosts the horse’s immune, respiratory, nervous and circulatory systems Download our brochure on the like above or contact Ronnie Glover at 580-492-4612 for more information or to order.


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