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Air-assisted electrostatic sprayers produce electrically charged spray droplets which are carried to the target in an air stream. Electrical charges on the surface of the spray particles cause them to be attracted to the target where they are directed. Coulomb's Law says that opposites attract, or more specifically, unlike electrical charges attract to each other. Because of Coulombic forces when charged spray particles are near any object they will be attracted to that object. They will follow electric field lines and wrap around and coat all sides. ESS takes advantage of this physical principle to allow spray applicators to do a better job and to lessen the environmental impact by allowing smaller amounts of less toxic chemicalsto be used. In addition ESS uses air-assistance to help with spray delivery. Air is necessary in electrostatic spraying to cause the charged spray to push deep into complex targets, such as tall plants. The force of electrostatic attraction is strong if the droplets are small and the droplet charge is sufficiently high. ESS sprayers produce highly charged spray droplets using a unique "embedded" induction electrode design. The result is the droplets have a force of attraction of 75 times that of gravity. This means droplets will reverse direction and move upwards, against gravity, to coat hidden surfaces. Electrostatics, with air-assist, plus the right droplet size is a good combination for the best spray job. In agricultural spraying underleaf coverage is important since insects and diseases are located almost exclusively on leaf bottom-sides and other hidden areas deep in the crop. Spray droplets move along electric field lines (Coulombic Forces again) and reverse direction to coat the underside of the target. Droplet size is important. If droplets are too heavy (over 60 microns) then no matter how highly they are charged they won't reverse their direction against gravity. MaxCharge droplets are 30 to 40 microns in diameter and charging levels are normally 6 mC/liter. This size droplet with this high charge results in attraction forces over 75 times that of gravity. The combination of optimized air-assist with high levels of electrostatic spray charge produces the highest spray transfer efficiency of any sprayer on the market. Get the most out of your chemicals at very low volume rates and cost with ESS MaxCharge™ technology. ESS MaxCharge™ sprayers produce electrically-charged spray droplets which are carried onto plant surfaces by a high-speed air stream. The charged droplets seek out plant material by electrostatic forces. The result is a uniform spray coverage on hidden areas deep inside of the plant canopy where other sprayers miss. The MaxCharge™ spray nozzle uses compressed air to atomize the liquid chemicals, resulting in very small, uniformly-sized droplets. Then the special electrode embedded in the nozzle induces a high concentration of electrons into the liquid stream. The electrostatically charged droplets are carried onto the crop by high-pressure air flow, where the electrostatic charge causes the chemical spray to cling to plant surfaces rather than being blown past the target, drifting away, or falling to the ground. Testing shows that the electrostatic charging effect causes 4 to 5 times more spray deposition on the plant than conventional sprayers. That’s what we mean when we say “Electrostatic Equals Better Spray Coverage.” It's that simple. Contact us today to learn what ESS can do for you.


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