In today’s economy, who doesn’t want to protect their automobile investment and equipment investment and save money at the gas pump? Scientific tests on ethosFR+ indicated a significant reduction of measured tailpipe emissions for Hydrocarbons, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxide, and Particulate Matter. A marked improvement in horsepower and fuel economy was also noted. According to the California Environmental Engineering Lab (CEE) Research Director Joe Jones, the results were “surprising” and outperformed most other additives that the CEE has tested in the past. Corey P. Schlossmann, Ethos Environmental, Inc.’s CEO, said, "These test results from a CARB certified unit verify, with a high level of confidence the validity of ethosFR+ and its high probability for continual improvement with constant use." Everyone should take advantage of the economical and environmental benefits of EthosFR+. Ethos works with all fuels and all oils. It will NOT void any manufacturer's warranty. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous and non-petroleum based. It will help your engine to run smoother and cooler. It is EPA registered. The only way it doesn't work, is if you don't use it. Ethos FR+ fuel treatment is available in 16oz, 32 oz and 1 gallon size bottles. Ethos oil treatment is available in 16 oz and 1 gallon size bottles. 55 Gallon drums are available upon request. We have recently added 2 oz shots! Perfect for adding to your vehicle. Contact Penny if you are interested in trying Ethos today. Preferred customers receive a 15% discount and can get $25 off gas for using Ethos every month in their car. Please feel free to call or email for more information or any questions you may have.


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