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Malfunctioning Tail Lights – A Recurring Headache I know from a lifetime of ranching, construction, recreational boating and camping that repairing or replacing malfunctioning tail lights on my equipment and trailers is an ongoing headache. I also know that my troubles are not unique. Everyone I have spoken to who works or plays in the outdoors experiences the same frustration. In fact I spent a lot of time repairing them safe in the knowledge that I would likely be fixing them again after my next trip. It got to the point where the repair time and replacement costs became overwhelming and I resigned myself to never having working tail lights. Of course when I was on the road the safety and legal concerns of not having working running, turning, hazard and brake lights were always in the back of my mind. There had to be a better way. I spent 2 ½ years engineering and perfecting the EasyOn Wireless Tail Lights. I even had the prototypes field tested for ninety days by ranchers, farmers, fishermen, boaters, hunters and recreationalists across the country using them in everyday situations and in several different environments. All of them agreed that EasyOn Wireless Tail Lights solved a common problem and worked exactly as promised. The extensive engineering and rigorous testing are only a few of the steps that have been taken to ensure that EasyOn Wireless Tail Lights perform exactly as they should when you need them. Being able to move the lights from one trailer to another in a matter of minutes without any tools makes it so convenient. You can even store the lights in the towing vehicle and use them on anything you tow. You will never again be without lights when you need them. The lights and remote control are made here in North America using the very best materials available. They will provide you with years of trouble free use. EasyOn Wireless Tail Lights are the answer to a nagging problem that just may save your life, or the life of someone you love. Check out our website for your easy solution!


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