Coalbed Natural Gas Alliance


The Coalbed Natural Gas Alliance (or CBNGA) was formed as a cooperative effort to bring together the many parties involved in natural gas development in the Powder River Basin of Montana and throughout Wyoming. CBNGA is fueling the future with the objective to grow the economy of the region through responsible development of coalbed natural gas while maintaining the region’s sense of place and values. CBNGA partners with the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, Montana Petroleum Association, the Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States, the Petroleum Association of Wyoming, and the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce to make coalbed natural gas development possible in the region. If you are a landowner, the CBNGA will educate you about the standard process of developing a coalbed natural gas well and also act as a liaison between you and the many other parties involved in coalbed natural gas well creation. Contact us today to learn more about this process and to become a member of the Coalbed Natural Gas Alliance. Help us make clean energy for our future.


P.O. Box 148
Thermopolis, Wyoming
United States

CBNGA oversees Coalbed Natural Gas development in the Powder River Basin of Montana and Wyoming.

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