Estes RPR Concave Systems/ CM Welding


Rotor loss in Corn, Soybeans & Wheat on all John Deere STS & the new S series combines happens because of an over- loaded separation section. C M Welding Inc introduced “The Disrupter” (14 lugs bolted into the two front separation grates) in the summer of 2010 and the response was tremendous. (Disrupter lugs cut up corn shucks, green bean stems, & wheat straw). We have over 1700 sets in operation, but the rotor loss problem still exists with all STS & new S series machines when ground speed is increased. The rear concave in John Deere Rotor machines is not large enough nor open enough to get crop through without sacrificing a lot of ground speed. Corn, soybeans & wheat thrash completely over the first 1 &1/ 2 round bar concaves, but very little separation will happen over the back half of the concave sections due to the small space (5/8 “) between the remaining round bars. C M Welding Inc. has designed a concave/grate that has 1/2 “sq bars with 1 ¼” opening between. The new concave/grate will replace the rear concave on all of the STS & S series machines. The ½” Square bars plus the 1 ¼ space between the bars will increase material volume flow by 68%. The more crop volume you can get out of the concave section, the less has to be separated over the grate section. SO SLOW DOWN TO KEEP CROP IN OR ADD THE ESTES ROTOR LOSS KIT & GO!


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