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At last — a tag that will last! Stop the expense, annoyance and labor of constantly replacing ear tags. End the obsolescence common to most tags. With EZCee tags there is no fade out! Impervious to heat, snow, cold, rain and dust,EZCee tags are guaranteed to last the lifetime of the animal. Numbers are not printed or painted on. Instead, a unique patented layering process bonds three layers permanently together with the center layer showing through a contrasting color. This process ensures numbers on EZCee tags are strikingly visible. Competitively Priced! These unique permanent tags are competitively priced and personalization is now available. Just order the numbers you need and receive prompt U.P.S. delivery. Order online or call 1-866-923-7878 to order by phone.


13898 Archibald Ave.
Ontario, California 91761
United States

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