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BOND ARMS, INC. is located in Granbury, Texas and manufactures the award-winning Bond Arms derringer - the finest in double barrel protection. Here are the specifics for one of our Snake Slayer models. Note: Not Available in California or Massachusetts. Barrel: 4 1/4" Weight: 23 1/2 oz. Length: 6 1/4" Stocks: Extended Custom Rosewood Sights: Bladefront and Fixed Rear Features: • 4 1/4" barrel • Interchangeable Barrels • Automatic Extractor ••••(EXCEPT FOR 9mm,40S&W,10mm and .45 ACP) • Rebounding Hammer • Retracting Firing Pins • Crossbolt Safety • Spring-Loaded Cammed Locking Lever •••• (for a tighter barrel/frame fit and Rapid loading and unloading) • Trigger guard • Stainless Steel with Satin Polish Finish Calibers: .410/45LC with 3" chambers Here is what customer Zane Colston says about the Snake Slayer: "I purchased this Bond Arms Snake Slayer in July of 2005. In the last 2 months, I have killed 11 rattlesnakes on my ranch out here in West Texas. Rattlesnakes are a problem because they bit my cattle. I used to kill these rattlesnakes with a double barreled 12 gauge, which worked well, but was too big and I couldn't carry it with me. My Snake Slayer is small enough to carry everywhere and the recoil has not b een a problem, even shooting .410 shotshells. I am currently shooting snakes with the CCI .45Colt shotshell. These work great on snakes. Not one of them has gotten away!" We have several more testimonials, as well complete articles, product descriptions, and a dealer search on our site. Try a Bond Arms derringer to discover why we are the finest in double barrel protection.


PO Box 1296
Granbury, Texas 76048
United States

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