BIO Gold


BIO-GOLD™-A revolutionary microbial formulation for the world. BIO-GOLD™ is an all-organic microbial formulation containing a wide variety of microorganisms including those that are Nitrogen-fixing. Additionally, BIO-GOLD™ microbial action provides sources of needed natural nutrients. BIO-GOLD™ metabolizes enzymes organically, assuring a constant supply for the plant. BIO-GOLD™ produces growth hormones such as auxins, indoleacetic acid, and gibberellins (gibberellic acid) with a natural control assuring that the fruit or plant does not grow so large that it loses its flavor. Products containing artificial growth hormones, while causing large plant growth, are environmentally unsound because they contain uncontrollable growth substances and are subject to EPA regulation. BIO-GOLD™ contains both organic matter and microorganisms, it manufactures its own compost which contains humates. This natural process helps build up organic matter in the soil thus reducing any need to add any other form of organic matter such as manures or wastes to the soil. BIO-GOLD™ supplies atmospheric nitrogen to the crop. BIO-GOLD™ will metabolize enzymes which accelerate natural biological functions and plant growth. BIO-GOLD™ manufactures natural and biological substances which assist in faster germination, better blossoming, and maximize growth of plants. BIO-GOLD™ produces biological substances and enzymes which stimulate and assist other existing soil bacteria to decompose soil organic matter and/or crop stubble. BIO-GOLD™ increases the general fertility of the soil and may shorten the time of maturity for many crops. BIO-GOLD™ manufactures various by-products and substances which, when mixed with soil, reduce crusting and clodding while promoting better water penetration and retention. BIO-GOLD™ is hydrolytic and during its production of food, hydrogen is released and bonded with oxygen molecules to produce moisture on a small scale. Consequently, during hot, dry conditions, there is an additional amount of moisture available for the plants. BIO-GOLD™ has been engineered for all types of soils, agricultural crops, horticultural plants, bushes, trees, pastures and turf. SAVE MONEY on the price of Nitrogen. We have a Nitrogen alternative. SUGGESTION: BIO GOLD™ or BIO RED™ CHANGE IS HARD We don’t claim to replace synthetic Nitrogen. We want you to use 40 to 50% of your normal Nitrogen recommendation and BIO will supply the other 40 to 50% naturally. Depending on the crop planted, we can have a building effect of Nitrogen. Changing to BIO will take you out of a comfort zone, you have had with synthetic Nitrogen. --- CHANGE IS HARD --- BIO can save you money. Don’t take our word for our BIO story. Listen to the enclosed DVD. Our customers grow a variety of crops - to name a few: corn, soybeans, edible beans, wheat, sugarbeets, potatoes, grapes, and watermelons, including trees, lawns, vegetable and flower gardens of all sizes. BIO GOLD™ or BIO RED™ does so much more than synthetic fertilizer: BIO helps balance our soil. BIO creates a favorable environment for the earthworms & microorganisms. BIO GOLD™ or BIO RED™ increases the general fertility of the soil. BIO GOLD™ or BIO RED™ has been certified organic according to the requirements of JAS, USDA NOP & EU. Our ancestors used synthetic nitrogen, but they didn’t have BIO. Habits are hard to break, but changing to BIO can save you money and improve your soil. Everyone’s soil needs help, let’s BIO it. Place your order today. Douglas Peterson: 877-246-9722 Information: Website:

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