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BADBOY Blasters. Inc delivers only the best Sand Blasters on the market today. Designed for convenience, we offer free standing and portable blasters, as well as Pallet Jacks, Parts Washers, Portable Concrete Mixers, EMAX Air Compressors, Fuel Storage Tanks, Hose Reels, and Replacement Nozzles, Hoses, Mylar Window Covers, Lined Gloves, Hand Guns, Foot Controls, and Media & Abrasives. Here at BADBOY Blasters we believe in a core set of principles grounded in honesty, integrity, and going the extra mile. We do everything in our power to exemplify what it once meant to be American Made, by not just having a transaction with our customers, but extending our hand to build a lasting partnership that will stand the test of time long after the other guy has ran to the bank. The list of goals we go by include: - To maintain the highest quality standards for our products - To provide superior customer service - To promote a professional and polite environment - To achieve a trusting, personable, and lasting relationship with our clientele - To go above and beyond our consumers expectations - To become the pinnacle of success All of our products carry a free warranty against craftsmanship and defects. I we don't have a product that fits your need, let us know. We are more than happy to custom build you a product to fit your exact needs. Discover how BADBOY blasts away the competition, give us a try today.


1720 Wallace Ave NE
Canton, Ohio 44705
United States

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