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Elvin Agnew, owner of Agnew Steel, Inc., has been manufacturing agricultural support products since the 1960s with on-the-farm business. In 1972, he opened his manufacturing business in Steele, North Dakota selling multiple products and providing a variety of services, some of which included MIG and TIG welding, lathe, milling, pipe and bolt threading, broaching key-ways, and 200-ton press. He continued to serve the community until 2008 when he sold the business but retained manufacturing of the grain spreader. Agnew purchased the invention of the grain spreader in the early '50s from a man that was making and selling them on a small scale direct to farmers. Once Agnew took over, he began to expand the business by signing on dealers around the country. Today, Agnew Steel, Inc. has about 40 dealers throughout the United States and the grain spreader continues to be a valuable product for many farmers. The Agnew Grain Spreader maintains quality of the grain by eliminating the center cone, avoiding over-drying the outside ring, and allowing the inside to dry quicker. It attaches to the top opening of the bin. We have various sizes available depending on the size of the bin and can accommodate bins up to 75 feet in diameter. As grain is augered into the bin, the spreader separates the grain into eight equal piles, thus eliminating the center cone. Product # AG50 - designed for up to 10" auger and up to 30' grain bins Product # AG50L - designed for low flow (up to 10" auger) and larger bins (over 30' bins and up to 48' bins) - Especially made to accommodate bins with continuous flow grain dryers Product #AG100 - designed for larger augers (13") and larger bins (48' to 60') Product #AG100XL - designed for large capacity augers (15" & 16") and larger bins (over 50' and up to 75' in diameter) The Agnew Grain Spreader reduces aeration costs by approximately 20 percent and allows the grain to be spread evenly over the entire bin floor. Fines and chaff are distributed evenly and cooling happens more quickly. The process is done as the grain enters the bin - saving time, labor, and money.


1251 W 28th St
Bismarck, North Dakota 58501
United States

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