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If there is any product you are considering to buy this year, without question it should be this one. Planter Pro is by far the most innovative and effective row cleaner on the market today. No other product out there is going to preform the way that Planter Pro can. Farmers are experiencing 2,000 to 3,000 more harvestable ears of corn per acre with our revolutionary new design. The Planter Pro usually pays for itself in 20 acres. Here are just a few of the benefits that you will enjoy when you use the Planter Pro: - Automatically Adjusts Row Cleaners - Independent Suspension Row Cleaners - Successfully Plant Continuous Corn... Even Into the Old Corn Row - Cuts Residue, Then Clears it Away - No Trenching! Residue is Removed, Not the Soil - Faster Emergence... 50% more GDUs in the first 30 days! - Higher Yield... 9 to 18 Bushels More Per Acre! - Uniform Seed Depth - Better Seed-to-Soil Contact - Even Seedling Emergence - Reduces Planter Bounce, Uniform Seed Depth - Maintenance-Free, Double-Row Sealed Bearings - No Greasing Maintenance Required - No Pneumatics, Hydraulics or Electronics - Supports John Deere & Kinze Case IH-1200 Series Planters With all of the benefits it's easy to see why the patent pending Planter Pro system is returning $5 to every $1 invested. You can buy the complete package witch includes; Mounting Frame, (2) Pivoting Row Cleaner Arms - Left and Right and Hardware, Coulter – 15” x 5 mm Straight, Self-Sharpening, Double-Beveled,Coulter Hub and Hardware, and (2) 12” Row Cleaners, Hubs and Hardware, all for just $945. Don't wait to see all that the Planter Pro can do for you and your bottom line. Discover how our product is cleaning up the competition by clearing the path to higher yields.


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