Ag-Flag - The Water Location Indicator


The Ag Flag™ is "The Water Location Indicator." In 3 Easy Steps you can save time, money, labor, as well as improve the yield and quality of your crops. Ag Flag™ is easy to use. First, determine your "water shut off" location and drive the stake into the ground. Second, place the flag pole into the stake and attach the flag to the ground using the Ag Flag™ release strip. Third, look for the Ag Flag™ to pop up when your water contacts the Ag Flag™ release strip. That means your water has arrived! The main purpose of the Ag Flag™ is to indicate the location of flood irrigation water in your field. You will easily know that your water has reached the "shut off" location in the check or row. You will not have to search for the water as the Ag Flag™ will "Pop Up" when the water reaches the flag release strip. You will save water, control weeds, save on labor, save time and improve the yield and quality of your corps with the proper control of flood irrigation water. The Ag Flag™ will help you monitor your water from a distance with improved accuracy. For more information call Ag Flag™ at 800-320-4625.


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