Raptor Blasting Systems LLC


Overall Dimensions: Depth: 46 inches, Width: 54 inches, Height: 81 inches Door Openings: Side Doors: 40 x 36 inches Weight: 450 lbs Laser cut and hand welded in the USA. No Seams, No Rivets. All blast media will stay contained in the cabinet during operation. More on the RB5446 Industrial Blast Cabinet The Raptor Blasting System 5446 is an industrial strength blast cabinet for medium to large objects. The name is in reference to its size. It is 54 inches wide by 46 inches deep by 46 inches high. This cabinet is made with 12 gauge steel. It’s 100 percent laser cut and hand welded, which means there are no seams, there’s no rivets. The abrasive media will stay in the cabinet instead of leaking on the floor. All Raptor Blaster cabinets come with an adjustable latch system which means the door is always snug against the cabinet. We use a twin wall system, meaning there’s an inner panel with a half-inch bend all the way around welded to the outer door. This ensures that this door will never warp or bend. How well does the media coming out of the nozzle strip an object? We use a very efficient BNP style gun which, paired with a large pickup assembly, makes this commercial blast cabinet extremely productive. How well will you be able to see the object inside the cabinet when you’re blasting? The RB5446 comes standard with a 100 CFM can-style dust collector, or you can upgrade to a 400 CFM hard shell cartridge collector. It also comes with three 20 watt LED lights, meaning a bright, visible interior. You can blast for long periods of time and you won’t lose any visibility.