Royal-Grow announces new and advanced generation of herbicide adjuvant.

The third generation of Herbicide Booster is designed with smaller particles to blend quickly with all types of herbicide chemistry. It has a contact to surface absorption time of less than 40 seconds. The new and improved adjuvant, works on all types of seasonal and perennial weeds. It is designed to take to the herbicide’s active ingredient deeper into the plant, resulting in a harder kill.

“Herbicide Booster succeeds when other products fall short,” said Jared McGlothlin, Royal-Grow representative.  “Herbicide Booster is an adjuvant that works by aiding the penetration of the herbicide, allowing it to work more efficiently.”

This adjuvant can be added directly to the spray tank. Always mix the adjuvant with herbicide first, then add proper amount of water and mix well.  Herbicide Booster - Generation 3, has a recommended application rate of 2 ounces per acre. One 2.5 gallon container will cover approximately 160 acres.  

In pasture trials, a desired kill has been achieved with minimal rates of herbicide when applied with Herbicide Booster at 2 ounces per acre. A similar response has been found in crop scenarios such as burn down or when dealing with resistant weeds, such as Mare’s Tail, Kochia and Waterhemp, McGlothlin said.

Herbicide Booster video demonstration and research data is available on our website -

Producers are using Royal-Grow as a cost effective management practice for crop and forage production.  The company targets the plants and soil to help producers enhance yields and net profit. For more information about Royal-Grow starters, foliar fertilizers, biological and adjuvants, contact a Royal-Grow representative at 1-888-292-5760 or

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02 Jun 2016

By Shelby Fuss